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Mount SAC Classes




FALL 1998



Dr. Scott S. Kinnes
Biology I, laboratory



Tuesday 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM


Thursday 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM



Tuesday 6:30 PM


Thursday 6:30 PM

(usually- arrange in advance to be sure!)

Feel free to ask questions before, after and during labs.


Biology: Interconnections of Life; Schmidt, Vail and Kakiba-Russell




The laboratory portion of the course will comprise approximately 30% of your final General Biology I grade. There will not be a separate grade for the laboratory portion. This grade will be comprised of:


Quizzes: There will be a lab quiz at the beginning of each lab period on the previous lab exercise and on the introduction to the current week's lab . These will constitute 15% of your grade. The two lowest of these will be dropped.


Lab write-ups: 10% of the grade will be based upon two lab write-ups. The first will be done on Exercise 11, Photosynthesis, while the second will be done on Exercise 10, Plant/Animal Interactions. Each will be 2-3 pages in length, handwritten and due at the beginning of the next lab period. It must follow the instructions given in class.


Lab notebook: The final 5% of the grade will be based upon your completion of the results and discussion sections of the lab notebooks. These will usually be due prior to leaving lab each day. Occasionally, they will be due at the beginning of the next lab period if time runs short.


See "Course Philosophy" for other requirements.





1. Quizzes: Laboratory quizzes will be given at the beginning of each lab period on material covered in the preceding lab and on the introduction to the current week's lab. These will usually be short answer questions or problems. No scantron is required.


2. Attendance: School policy is that excessive absences will affect the student's final grade. I will ignore the first two unexcused lab absences. After that, however, any unexcused absences will result in your lab grade being automatically lowered one letter grade. All absences will be reported to your lecture instructor.

It is your responsibility to explain your absences and to obtain all information presented during your absence. Excused absences include illness verified by a doctor's note, occasional absence due to extra-curricular activities and a few others as determined by me. However, excessive lab absences of any kind may result in your being dropped.


3. Tardies: If you are tardy be sure to see me after class to be sure that you are not counted absent. Failure to do so by the end of the period will result in an unexcused absence. If your tardiness causes you to miss the lab quiz, no makeups will be allowed. If you miss a portion of the time for taking the quiz you will not receive additional time.


4. Make-up Quizzes: NO MAKE-UP QUIZZES WILL BE GIVEN. You will be allowed to drop two lab quizzes. If you miss a quiz for any reason it will be counted towards the two dropped or you will receive a zero.


5. Late Papers, etc.: If you fail to turn in any lab write-up on time then your grade will be lowered one letter for each day that it is late. The material is due during that day's lab. If you fail to have the results and discussion sections in the lab manual completed on time they will not be accepted.


6. Timed Tests: All quizzes in this class will be timed. You will have a certain amount of time to take each test and at the end of that time all papers will be collected. It is, therefore, very important that you are not late. If you have a disability please see me so that special arrangements can be made.


7. Cheating: If you are caught cheating on a test/paper, you will receive a zero for that item. If you are caught cheating on a second test/paper, you will receive an "F" in the course. All cases of cheating will be reported to the Dean of Students. If you are suspected of cheating on a test, I reserve the right to have you take another test on that material. If you are in doubt of what constitutes cheating, please refer to the Student Handbook. If you are seen copying another student's lab results and discussion sections you will receive a "zero" on that exercise.




Aug. 18/20 Microscope 1

Aug. 25/27 Tools of Biology 3

Sept. 1/3 Cytology 2

Sept. 8/10 Physical Transport 4


Sept. 15/17 Digestion System 5

Sept. 22/24 Photosynthesis 11

Sept. 29/Oct. 1 DNA 6

Oct. 6/8 Biodiversity 9

Oct. 13/15 Genetics 7

Oct. 20/22 Homology and Analogy 8

Oct. 27/29 Plant and Animal Interactions 10


Nov. 3/5 Population and Diseases 16

Nov. 10/12 Circulation 14

Nov. 17/19 Respiration 12

Nov. 24 Comparative Metabolism for Tuesday Lab 13

Nov. 26 Thanksgiving Vacation for Thursday Lab

Dec. 1/3 Human Senses 15

Dec. 8/10 Ecology 17