Questions for the Prof...

We want to help you in your science teaching . The following are just several ways that we have helped K-12 teachers in the past. Simply click on the topic and send us an e-mail. If your question does not seem to fit any of these categories, simply click the e-mail device below and ask away!!


Come visit us!!

The Wynn Science Center on our Main Campus houses the Department of Biology and Chemistry and the Department of Math and Physics. It houses modern teaching and research labs, cool equipment and terriffic people. Surrounding it is an Interpretive Garden with a dry river bed that can be turned into a running stream and a 20 X 30 foot pond with three distinct ecosystems.

All these are available for your class to visit. We can arrange a tour, allow you to use our equipment and facilities to conduct a cool ecosystem analysis of the stream and pond, or do a nifty demonstration on our two electron microscopes. We also have human cadavers that can be shown to anatomy and physiology classes with special arrangements.

The Mary Hill Center on our East Campus houses the Department of Physical Therapy which can also arrange a visit for students or classes interested in that field of science.

Want us to visit you??

Under certain conditions we can bring a demonstration lab project to your classroom if visiting our campus is not possible. Our science majors can bring a variety of physical and life science demonstrations that may well be beyond what you would normally be able to do with your facilities and equipment.

Something got you stumped??

If you have a question about any area of biology, chemistry, or earth science please ask it and we will do our best to get you the answer. We have an extremely talented group of professors who want to support you in your teaching efforts.

We can also try to help you if you are having problems finding special equipment or supplies. Since we do a lot of ordering it is possible that we can provide you with a quick and ready source for your science needs.

Interested in Graduate Education??

While the science departments at APU do not currently offer graduate programs, the School of Education and Behavioral Studies has a number of graduate-level programs that could provide you with the continuing education you desire.