This site was created by Dr. Scott S. Kinnes, Professor of Biology at Azusa Pacific University, and Applied Health, Biology, Biochemistry and Natural Science majors working under his guidance.


It is a site designed to serve two main purposes:

to provide current K-12 teachers with the resources they need to improve their own teaching of science


to provide experience for future teachers, our university students, in using the Internet, developing curriculum for K-12 science classes and in understanding the many challenges facing today's teachers.


One advantage of creating a website is that the "When" doesn't really matter as it is always available to serve as a resource. For teachers fortunate enough to have Internet access in their classroom, the numerous links to relevant science websites can be used during the actual lecture or lab experience to enhance the teaching experience. For teachers who only have access to the Internet at home, at the library, or in the faculty lounge it is always available, whenever you have the time to access it.

This is particularly true of the opportunity to e-mail me with any questions you might have re: scientific points, sources for material and equipment, or to request a visit to our campus. You can ask the question as your time permits and I can get an answer back to you as my schedule allows.


This site is located on the Azusa Pacific University server, located in Azusa, CA. Azusa Pacific University isthe largest private, Christian university in the country with a current enrollment of approximately 2,600 undergraduate and 2,500 graduate students.

The Department of Biology and Chemistry is composed of 2 chemists, 1 biochemist, 1 philosopher/theologian and 7 biologists. They serve approximately 180 students majoring in Applied Health, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Natural Science.

The Department of Math and Physics has 3 math professors and 2 physicists. Their primary orientation is training high school math and physics teachers but they are backed by a strong research program.


Azusa Pacific University and the Department of Biology and Chemistry have a rich tradition of using their expertise and resources to serve the comunity. For over 15 years, our department has sought to assist our local school districts through a number of programs including sponsoring science fairs, sending faculty and students to local schools to provide laboratory demonstrations and holding weekly enrichment labs for students on our own campus.

With the advent of the world wide web and the many advantages inherent in this technology, the opportunity to reach out to assist a wider audience is within our reach. Your input and use of this site will help us achieve our goal of improving science eduation at all levels.