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Articles can be used for case study and medical diagnosis papers


Calendar 2008 Data Form  

Pediatric Medication Calculations


Clinical Assignments


UNRS 314: Data Form examples CPR Review  
Required texts Developmental Form

Developmental form Power Point

Newborn Assessment  
  Guidelines for writing Case Study Child Abuse  

UNRS 113: Pharmacology


UNRS 314

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Clinical Assignments, and Power Point Lectures

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Clinical Assignments

Clinical assignments  Links to specific assignments:

bulletClinical logs
bulletDevelopmental Assignment: form, grading criteria, CDC links
bulletData Form - Case Study
bullet Spiritual Assessment
bullet Cultural Assessment

Data Form examples



Full Text Journal Articles

  [Web Links] Excellent source for pediatric full text journal articles for case study




Required text book:

Children and Their Families the Continuum of Care by V. Bowden, S. Dickey, and C. Greenberg - available on

APA Format

Pocket Guide to APA Style by Robert Perrin Copyright @ 2006

ISBN: 0-618-30820-2

Medications: not required but excellent for giving IV medications adult and pediatric

Garhart, B. and Nazareno, A. (2007)  Intravenous Medications 2007: A Handbook for Nurses and Health Professionals



Pediatric Pharmacology

Pediatric Pharmacology  (JACHO Pain Standards)

Pediatric Pharmacology: age specific and developmental considerations

Pediatric Medication Calculation PP

Drug Therapy in the Pediatric Patient (Graduate)


Practice Math Quizzes

Pediatric students a good review if you have forgotten the basics:

Must due quiz 6 for review and submit to Professor Chandler

Worth 1 point extra credit


MUST SUBMIT Pediatric Multiple Choice Quiz

May be done in groups but you must show your work - this is part of you independent study hours

Pediatric Medication Calculation of dosage calculation by mg/kg:  practice quiz (mandatory)

Medication power point very useful for drug calculations


Please Download for IV Class

Troubleshooting Pediatric Peripheral IVs: Phlebitis and Infiltration

Preventing medication errors in children: Part I

Preventing medication errors in children: Part 2



Physical Assessment of the Newborn



CPR Review: Adult and Pediatrics

CODE BLUE: Junior level students Spring 2006




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